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(Moves, Adds, Changes)

Updates and Upgrades


The use of computer equipment in today’s business world has brought about tremendous growth and lots of positive impact. However, occasional updates and/or upgrades could cause hitches in the flow of activities hence the need for moves, adds and changes (MAC). Routine tasks carried out on computing equipment in a business to ensure it is updated and performing at its best is referred to as Moves, adds and changes (MAC). MAC operations cover a broad range from the simple alterations like changing of a network switch to the complex upgrades like decommissioning servers in a particular location and re-commissioning/configuring them in a new location. 

Enhanced Productivity with MAC

Standardization of MAC and inclusion in IT asset management systems is now a common practice in the business world. This is to enhance productivity by minimizing the disturbance (from alterations and upgrades) to the day-to-day operation of your business. The flexibility of our Move, Add and Change (MAC) system is second to none. Allow us to lessen the burden on you so you can fully focus on the smooth running of your business.  
Our team of experts are available to guide you all the way; we can recommend to you the best solution that would perfectly meet that IT need, recommend the best equipment you’ll need, supply the required equipment, install equipment, provide end-users on-hand training and lots more. With
B N A Resources Inc., you’ll have no need to hire multiple MAC solution providers which would end up costing you more. Our technicians are very conversant with diverse aspects of MAC, we have you completely covered.

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