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Video Surveillance

Minimize Risk with Video Surveillance

The need for video surveillance for security and monitoring purposes has rapidly become an absolute necessity for residential and commercial use. Video surveillance helps you minimize risks while securing lives and property both in private residences and places of business. A video surveillance setup typically includes surveillance cameras connected to a digital video recorder (DVR) or Network Video Recorder (NVR) for IP cameras. Additional options include cloud backup and remote viewing.

B N A Resources Inc. offers you a wide range of video surveillance services including consultation to know which solution would best suit you, purchase of the best equipment for you, layout design for camera positioning, installation of surveillance cameras, connection to and setup of video recording device and setup for remote viewing from anywhere in the world. B N A Resources Inc. is a leading provider of video surveillance solutions in Alabama and Mississippi.

Features of Our Video Surveillance Solution

Our bespoke video surveillance services are well streamlined and customized to fit your commercial needs and features include:  

• Weather resistant indoor/outdoor cameras

• Wide Field of View Coverage

• High definition video

• Remote video monitoring 

• Motion-activated recording + push notifications

• Large storage space for recording and backup 

• Seamless review of video footage  

• Tampering alerts.

One Stop for all Video surveillance solutions

At B N A Resources Inc., we pride ourselves in providing an all-inclusive solution to all your video surveillance needs. Our highly skilled technicians have over the years acquired vast experience in handling different aspects of video surveillance setup and maintenance from straightforward to highly technical and so with us, no need for multiple solution providers. This invariably translates to a lower cost implication for you and your business. With B N A Resources Inc., you have your surveillance needs professionally covered in a very cost-effective way.

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