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(In Building Wireless)

Enhanced In-Building Mobile Coverage

We live in a constantly evolving world of technological advancements. Technology is currently evolving at a faster pace than it has ever. Computing devices have evolved from the large machines that used magnetic drums and vacuum tubes to the modern-day laptops and more compatible devices like tablets and pocket smart phones. The world has totally embraced this development so much so that most people today simply cannot live without their mobile phones. Various reports show that majority of traffic generated online comes from mobile devices and over 80% of this traffic is generated from the confines of buildings. This has triggered an ever-increasing demand for improved indoor mobile performance (with regards to connectivity). This is generally termed IBW (In Building Wireless).

 Network coverage in buildings could be reduced due to high penetration loss caused by obstacles like thick building walls or installed thermal proof glass. Our in-building wireless (IBW) system is made primarily to enhance network coverage in such buildings where the extant macro network is not proportional to demand.
At B N A Resources Inc., we deploy these enhanced services to provide optimal mobile coverage throughout your office. We make your dream of great in-office service a reality by meeting your demand for faster, ever-improving indoor connectivity. Furthermore, we understand that IBW requirements vary from one building to another because of variations in building structure and materials, so to effectively tackle this, we customize our services to meet your specific needs.

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